Ski Week

Join us on our most exclusive snowsports adventure – Heli-Skiing at Atlin, BC


From April 2nd to 9th you can join two of our snow pros at Atlin’s boutique-style heli-ski lodge for a week filled with snow adventures and good times. Atlin is the northernmost heli-ski spot in Canada, with the Juneau Icefield being its playground. This glacier area covers 3000 km² and is complemented by the surrounding dream landscape of frozen lakes, endless forests and majestic mountains. There are miles and miles of powder runs suitable for skiers of all ability levels, and the proximity to the Northern Pacific guarantees large amounts of snow.


Atlin Heli Sports’ motto is: Let’s go pow pow all day long! The heli-ski operation promises unlimited vertical, meaning there is no limit on take-offs per day as long as it is safe to ski & fly. The local lead guides are looking forward to showing you their backyard and will give you a glimpse into their lives in such a remote place. Our instructors will take on the role of tail-guides, following our small ski groups to assist and coach you whenever needed. So you can ski & relax in the comfort of knowing there is someone familiar who has got your back.


You will stay in remodeled gold rush cabins on the shore of Atlin lake. The adjacent lodge awaits us with culinary highlights, sauna & hot tub, as well as the coolest bar of the wild north-west!


In case of down days aka if the weather grounds us, there are plenty of other options: We can still access the mountains on a ski tour, go on a snowshoe hike or take a ride on the lodge’s skidoos. Timber-sledding, stock car racing or ice-fishing on the frozen Atlin Lake are other ways to enjoy the time off the skis.


Are you ready to experience the wild untouched Canadian backcountry with us? You can book Ski Academy’s most exclusive heli-ski week with Atlin Heli Sports now. The number of participants is limited.


How to book this exclusive heli-ski special?


  • – Go to Atlin Heli Sports’ booking website?

  • – Fill in your personal information and click next

  • – IMPORTANT: Pick calendar week 14, April 2-9 2022 AND check “”

  • – Fill out the rest of the sign-up sheet

  • – SUBMIT your reservation.


We are excited to have you join us on this ultimate winter sports adventure in British Columbia!

You would like to go heli-skiing at our friends’ lodge in Atlin on different dates? No problem! Just book your stay at the same website and please select still. This way the lodge owners know your friends with us and also who referred you to them. In case you would like one of our instructors to join your there, too, please make sure to contact us first and check your favorite instructor’s availability.
27. July 2021
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Heli-Ski Week in Atlin, BC

Join us on our most exclusive snowsports adventure – Heli-Skiing at Atlin, BC From April 2nd to 9th you can join two of our snow pros […]