Student Levels

From first-timer to expert skier or rider, we go through lots of stages. Sometimes you don't know exactly at what level you are or in which category you fit. Certain camps & lesson formats require a certain skier or rider level, so we created this little overview for you to self-check!
Also it helps us if you share your ability level when booking lessons with us, so we can make sure we have the right instructor available for you!


First Timers with no skiing or snowboarding experience.


Beginner skiers and snowboarders are able to use the magic carpet and surface lifts in the learning area, and are starting to control their speed and changing directions.


Advanced beginners are able to ride all lifts and comfortably ski runs in learning areas and on easy blue slopes. You are able to control speed using turns.


Lower Intermediates are confident on blue slopes, turning comfortably. Skiers start matching their skis parallel some of the time. Snowboarders should be confident on both heel and toe side turns.


Intermediates are confident on red runs when conditions are good. You are skiing parallel most of the time, but feel challenged by ice, moguls or deep snow.


Upper Intermediates are confident with red slopes in all conditions, and get down most black runs, too. You are ready to learn how to do short turns, carving, as well as an introduction to moguls and some basic off-piste.


Advanced skiers and riders are comfortably skiing or riding all slopes on the mountain with more speed. You are looking to improve your short turns, learn how to carve, as well as mogul or off-piste skiing.


Highly Advanced skiers and riders are confident on black slopes and able to safely get down itinerary routes. You are working on improving skills in carving, moguls, powder and crud, and apply them in steeper terrain. Or maybe you want to learn jumps and tricks in the terrain park.


Expert skiers or riders enjoy skiing any run, adjusting their turn shapes and size to the given terrain and conditions. You have experience skiing or riding bumps, crud and powder without troubles. Your goal is to deepen your understanding of the technical skills to conquer these areas with more finesse and challenge yourself more in the mountains. An avalanche kit may be required on a day skiing when off-piste skiing is possible.

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