Are you a trendsetter trying to reach new heights?
Snowkiting, also known as kite skiing, is the latest trend among winter sports and it’s all about using kite power to travel over large snowfields or frozen lakes. It is similar to the water-based kiteboarding in the way the kite is being used, even though snowkiters can use their kites to go up- and downhill as well, making good use of the wind.
No matter if you are a complete beginner or experienced rider, our kite instructors will guide you to the next level in a fun and safe learning environment.
The Ursern valley is one of the best places for snow kiting, thanks to Andermatt’s infamous “Bise” that’s blowing steadily through the valley (at times even fiercely), making snow kiting possible almost every day.
[Snowkiting does not require strong winds; you can kite as soon as it blows 8 knots ( or 15kmh). With these wind speeds you can free ride and perform simple jumps and tricks.]

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