Ski Areas

Let us introduce you to the different parts of our SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun-Disentis!

A lot has happened and changed in Andermatt and the entire SkiArena in the past couple of years. New lifts were built, connections were made and new partnerships have been formed. If you haven't been to Andermatt yet or would like to know more about the different parts that make up our beautiful ski area, we have gathered the following information for you!

Our team of highly qualified snowsports instructors is also more than happy to show you around the whole SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun-Disentis. Let us take you to the best mountain restaurants, show you the most gorgeous views, share our local knowledge & ski the secret stashes within the SkiArena!

(For more detailed descriptions of each area please check out our Blog.)
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Realp - A paradise for first-timers

A tow-rope, a T-bar, and a huge open space with some terrain features and other teaching props - it's the perfect learner's area away from the crowds.

Absolutely perfect for the first one or two days, especially for students that are afraid of getting run over or hit by others.
This quiet gem is only a 15 minutes train-ride away from Andermatt at the west end of the Ursern valley.

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Matti's Kids Area - Mid-station Nätschen

This is where our youngest students learn how to ski or ride. A safe haven right at the mid-station of Nätschen Express, there's a small fenced-off area with magic carpets and teaching props to practise the snow-plow and first turns.

In sunny weather, parents can watch their kids from one of the sun chairs or the food stands surrounding the area. And if the weather doesn't play along it's easy to warm up and meet the children at Matti's family restaurant for some hot chocolate or playing indoors to warm up again.

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Gemsstock - Andermatt's Freeride-Paradise

Gemsstock is where we start and end our ski & ride season. Thanks to its north-facing slopes and the two glaciated areas at the top, we sometimes get to ski there from end of October until mid-May, depending on snowfalls and favorable weather conditions.

The few intermediate to expert runs leave plenty of room for off-piste descends and give easy access to incredible lines, as well as the backcountry. This is where you can find some of the best champagne powder, cold smoke, or however you may call it in the Swiss Alps!

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Nätschen - Oberalppass - Dieni

Skiing on the bright side of life! Start your day with a ride up Andermatt's Nätschen Express all the way to the top of Gütsch and from there keep on skiing east on perfectly groomed, easy to moderate terrain.

First you will reach Schneehüenerstock. Enjoy the magnificent view, before skiing down to Oberalppass and asking yourself why there is a lighthouse in the middle of the Alps.

Crossing into Grisons, you can practice your reto-romanic skills or just enjoy their delicious cuisine, before descending the scenic run to Val-Val. After another short lift ride to the top of Cuolm Val you'll be overlooking Dieni and Sedrun.

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Valtgeva - Disentis

Valtgeva is a gorgeous learning area right next to the train station in Sedrun. From there you reach the brand NEW "Cuolm da Vi" gondola which gives you direct access to the Disentis ski area.

We've already scoped out the area last winter and came to the conclusion that it is simply epic to ski there.

Beautifully rolling terrain. Spectacular views. Great food. Adventurous off-piste runs. And of course the ride back to Andermatt on the world's only Après-Ski-Train.

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Are you looking for a challenge and would like to ski & discover the whole SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun-Disentis with one of our snow pros? Then you might be interested in one of these offers: